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Can you believe we have already arrived at the 9th month of this year? Where did the time go? How did you invest it? Did you make wise decisions on the path? Are your daily habits focused towards your happiness and goals?

It seems that life keeps getting busier and busier every time, and even if it does, I think the most important part is to know that you are using the time wisely towards your happiness in every aspect of your life. Relationships, food, work, before situations, and everything you do.

How is your day?

When you wake up in the morning, do you take time to breathe deeply and thank for the new day and say good morning to your partner or pet if you have them?

Or the first thing you do is to reach for your mobile and start scrolling, and by the time you get out of bed, you’re already drained by the amount of bad news, gossip and the rest you caught up from the web?

Do you take time to enjoy your cup of coffee, tea, hot water or green juice after getting out of bed while you’re reading a book, good news or writing your journal? Or you’re rushing to make it to work on time?

Do you make healthy food choices? Do you healthily feed your children/partner and treat them nicely before heading to work and school? Or do you take from the fridge and pantry whatever while arguing with your family?

What about when you commute? Do you notice the weather, the air, do you smile to people and listened to a podcast or nice music? Or do you get pissed because of the everyday traffic, horn for no reason and by the time you get to your office you’re already stressed out?

How’s your relationship with your colleagues? I understand you’re not going to like everyone and not everyone is going to like you, but are you at least respectful and polite after spending minimum one-third of your day in the office.

How do you feel at work? Stressed, easy-going, tough, joyful or you just take the income while working on reaching other goals?

Do you take a healthy lunch? Or fast food is better since it is convenient even when it is harming your body? How do you feel after eating? Bloated, heavy, sleepy.

Do you take time to exercise at least 30 minutes a day? Or you rather spend this time in social media exercising only your thumbs? The rest of the body can stunt.

How do you talk to yourself? Like your best friend or your worst enemy? Do you constantly motivate yourself to move forward or do you judge yourself and get stuck?

And I can continue with many more activities you might do during your day, but I guess by now you got the idea. You get to choose how you act and react every moment of your day, and most of the decisions you take are based on your daily habits. So use habits that will benefit you and bring you happines.

According to the National Science Foundation, an average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, and 80% of those are negative and 95% are repetitive day after day. Your thoughts determine your emotions, decisions and actions you take.

Can you imagine changing one habit at a time?

What about if you start changing little by little your mindset and decide to change a habit to start taking the right decisions of all the questions I previously asked you?

Can you imagine how less stressed you’ll be?

Can you imagine how much more full of energy and vitality you’ll feel?

Can you imagine how your relationships will improve?

Can you imagine how much more peaceful and relaxed your day will become?

Can you imagine how your life will transform?

Here are 12 habits to empower you towards your happiness:

  • Practice gratitude

I really love doing this. I have a gratitude mini-journal in which I write every morning (after my meditation) about 3 things I’m grateful for. By practicing gratitude you focus on what you have, on how blessed you are. It’ll help you make better decisions not only on your benefit but for the benefit of others too. And the more thankful you are, the more you receive.

Besides, it has many benefits in your whole being: a feeling of well-being, it’s peaceful, it’s energizing, it’s motivating, it’s relaxing, it’s fun.

  • Choose useful content from media

How much good news you hear on the news every day or read from the newspapers and social media? Only a very few, eh? All those events, even when you’re not related to them, affect your mood and wellbeing. Then, choose what you see and read wisely. Choose the content that will beneficially inform you, that will inspire you, cheer you up and will make you grow.

  • Create a morning ritual

80% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up, according to an IDC Research. And sometimes they don’t even say good morning to their partner next to them. By the time they get out of bed, they are already depleted due to the amount of bad news around the world.

Let your soul breath once is awakened, nurture it better with meditation, breathing exercises, physical activity, journaling. This is the best way to energize your body and focus your mind on a successful day.

  • Honour your relationships

As human beings we are social. Make sure you are in good relation with the people around you. Be gentle and loving with your closest relationships instead of arguing, judging and fighting. Enjoy the time while you and they are alive so you won’t regret it later.

And with the people you don’t get along, then be polite and respectful to avoid negative energy. And definitely stay away from toxic relationships that might only drain you, you have the right to say no thank you.

  • Nourish your body

Eat healthy foods, fuel your body properly to get the best of it. You might not want to depend on someone or something else in the long term due to sicknesses such as cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, obesity or diabetes. These are mainly preventable if you nourish your body with whole natural foods.

  • Listen to your thoughts

Notice how you talk to yourself, how are you judging others and every situation that happens “to you”? Are you a drama queen? Do you think people do what they do because of you? Or you know for certain that you’re not good enough, capable enough, and nobody loves you. Stop trying to be the center of attention, stop thinking stupidities, and focus on what is real and not your ego banging your head.

Instead, listen to what you’re thankful for, the goals and dreams achieved and the ones to come, the changes needed to move forward. The small wins. The great relationships around you, the love, the good vibes, the fresh air, the job that provides financial support, the abundance around you.

Have you look yourself in the mirror and noticed how unique, special and beautiful you are? The quality of your thoughts is the quality of your life.

  • Exercise

You might like zumba, or cycling or running or yoga. Do whatever activity you enjoy and make you feel good, even when is for a few minutes. Exercise gives you a sense of well-being. You feel more energetic, you sleep better, you feel proud and strong, you feel more relaxed and positive.

  • Find ways to laugh

Laughing has an immense list of benefits for the body, mind and spirit. Watch funny videos of jokes, babies laughing, baby animals. Watch a comedy movie, an entertainment show, or play with your children, and your pet. Or just laugh for nothing, my mom does it, and pass it on to us, it’s contagious, I love it.

  • Focus on the positive

At the beginning might be difficult, since we tend to focus on the negative most of the time, but with practice, you’ll improve. If you spilled your tea in the morning and because of that you were late to work, the good thing is you didn’t have to deal with much traffic. If you have no signal or your phone just die, well more free time for you to be present and enjoy with others. If you didn’t get the promotion you were expecting, that will propel you to start even faster your new business.

By focusing on the positive, we don’t create negative feelings and emotions that harm our body and state of mind.

  • Stop judgement

Toward yourself and others. Have you realized you are the worst judge to yourself? Change your mindset, start loving yourself NOW!, it doesn’t matter how you look, how you feel. Be grateful for being alive, for having that body, for all the blessings around you.

If you are always judging others, then you need to stop wasting your time and start using it more productively. When you notice youre judging someone, close your eyes or change your sight to something else. We tend to judge even more when we are not happy with ourselves and most of the time is because we are mirroring a situation or a person. Meaning, you’re reflecting on the person something you aim or lack of. Judgement creates feelings of rejection, envy, negativity, etc.

Also, do not take things personally. It’s not about you, you are not the center of attention 😉

  • Breath consciously

When you consciously breathe, you come to the present moment and you become calm and serene. You reconnect with your body and mind and your stress and anxiety levels might decrease. You take better decisions because of your calm mind.

  • 10-minute bitching time

Yes, yes, you need time to release all the anger, fear, frustration, hate you might have inside. Cry, scream, jump, punch your bed. Let go of all of the negative energy and let it go, do not keep it inside. Remember that illnesses come from our emotions in the first place. Release, so they don’t accumulate in your body and mind. 10 minutes a day, no more, and move on to the next positive thing. Some events, of course, might take longer, just don’t go down the rabbit hole. Accept and let them go.

In conclusion, your daily habits determine your life.

If you aim for a happy life, you need to invest time in your mindset and in making the changes you want to achieve the happy and fulfilled life you deserve and wish for.

When you change, you grow from the inside, the benefits go beyond yourself, they are reflected in your outside world, with your relationships, the way you perceive things and in every aspect of your life.

Make your happiness a priority.

I hope you will start applying these habits into your daily routine. You life will be transformed!

What habit are you planning to implement now? I’ll be happy to know and support you if you need it. Comment below or send me an email.