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Have you ever stop to question if the habits that are part of your routine are serving you or harming you?

Around 40% of our daily activities are habits, and these habits are saved in our unconscious mind, and as a result, we do them on autopilot. 

So, what about if we become conscious about our routine so whatever we do, we make sure it is helping us to stay healthy, balanced, in purpose and happy.

It might sound a bit cheese my last words, but that is the truth, at least mine 😉 

The aim of most human beings is to be happy and to feel happy first, we need to be healthy. And yes, I consider happiness is a habit too. 

Secondly, we must have the feeling of a balanced life in all aspects, personal, professional, relational, financial and spiritual. 

And we need to feel whatever we are doing is in purpose, and I am not talking about following your passion here. I am talking about the purpose of being HERE on this beautiful planet to experiment with whatever life is bringing to you at every single moment. The purpose of being YOU.

To have a routine that serves you, it has to be aligned with whatever you want to achieve in life.

5 Unconventional Steps to Create a Routine that Serves You

1. Observe your current routine

For one week, write down the different activities and habits you do during the day, from the second you wake up until you are back to bed at night. And write down the time spent in each activity.

When did you check your emails and social media for the first time? Did you exercise or at least stretch? Did you take a few minutes to be in silence or meditate? Was your breakfast a cup of coffee and a cigarette or a smoothie? Were your clothes ready to go to work? What kind of conversations you had during the day? What types of food did you eat? Were you pissed off in traffic? How much screen time you had during the day? Did you spend quality time with your dear ones?

2. Make a list of your needs and things you would love to do

Needs: Maybe you need to eat less refined sugar because of health issues. Or you need to spend more time with your partner to improve your relationship. Or you need to start meditating or taking walks to decrease your stress levels.

Things you would love to do: Maybe you want to take singing classes, or do any kind of art. Maybe you want to stay connected with friends or want to start a new physical activity.

If you need some ideas check these articles:
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3. Make space for your new routine

Review the list of different activities and habits you do for one week. Check which of those are consuming most of your time and determine if you can reduce it and make space to include a couple of your needs. 

Depending on the new activity you would love to do, also make the space for it during the week, even if it’s 10 minutes a day or one hour per week. It is very important to do things we love that bring us joy and happiness. 

Find the way to make the necessary arrangements. Maybe you will need to wake up 30 minutes earlier, or you will talk to your partner to determine a good time for both, etc. 

We all have 24 hours a day, so make it happen, make them a priority in your weekly schedule.

4. Add your new activities or habits to your calendar

Changing habits takes time and this might vary depending on the new habit you want to implement. It also requires commitment, effort and maybe investment. 

I recommend you add one habit or a maximum of two to your routine. Once you have made it sustainable, add more. And focus on the new habits, instead of rejecting habits you don’t want. 

5. Talk to your mind

Yes, that’s right, talk to it! As mentioned at the beginning, 40% of our daily activities are habits that are stored in our unconscious mind.

Our unconscious mind likes familiarity and clear instructions, therefore you need to tell her in a simple and caring way why you want to implement this new habit and activity into your routine.

Make sure that you are attentive and aware because the ego doesn’t like changes, and most likely, it will try to convince you to go back to your old habits.

On the other hand, our bodies are super smart, once you start feeling good or better with the changes you are making, your body will continue asking you for more. Listen to it and to your mind too. In the end or maybe since the beginning… you always know what is right for you.

And then you repeat this cycle as many times as needed. 


We are here to experiment with life, therefore there is always room for growth and evolution and what a better way to do it towards our goals and dreams. That is the part of the fun and beauty of this life!

I invite you to create routines that serve you towards the things you want to achieve, considering always that you must be healthy, balanced and in purpose. When you put all these elements together, there is no way out but to feel the happiness within.

Just try it!

I am about to focus my business on coaching and, to start my practice I am offering case studies for free. If you are interested, I will be honoured to coach you for a few weeks free of charge. We will do something similar to what I mentioned in this post but in a deeper way and with full support.

Please reach out to me via email at info[at]wellbeingproject.ca so we can start working very soon in a routine that serves you. And feel free to share this info with a person you care about.