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About  Kena

Kena’s spiritual and professional growth over the past two years has been so expansive that she has transitioned from a Coach in Habits, to Self-Care & Wellness Guide to Empowerment Guide.

She is a forever learner and passionate about humans and life. These are the certifications and programs that have thrived her into sharing her medicine through her soulpreneur business.

  • B.A. Business Administration in Tourism
  • Coach in Change of Habits
  • Certified Yoga Teacher (Hatha Flow & Vinyasa)
  • Meditation Teacher (Dhyana Darshan)
  • Mindset Facilitator
  • Self-Care Expert
  • Empowerment Guide
  • Temple Body Artist
  • Lifetime Learner…

My  Story

During the past eight years, I have been on a journey of knowing myself deeply. The more I do, the more amazed I am.

We, humans, are integral beings, and the more we get to know, connect, embrace and explore each of these elements: body, mind and spirit, the more we can obtain balance in our holistic health.

This goes to every level of our life, physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual, and professional.

This balance and alignment start with structure, habits, practices and rituals that nurture our Being from the inside out. Includes, of course, inner work, which is the key to a potent transformation.

The knowledge I acquired through the certifications as a Coach in Habits, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and Temple Body Arts School, have given me the structure and potential to offer my gifts from a place of service, love and confidence.

My journeys with coaches and mentors, by doing therapy, energy healing, mastering my mindset, and the many entrepreneurial programs I’ve taken, have empowered my personal, professional and spiritual growth exponentially.

And of course, my main experiences through this life journey, such as living in different countries, travelling around the world. The transition of my father and choosing myself by leaving a 10-year relationship that no longer nourished me, despite the unconditional love, have been deep initiations and healing processes that unfolded my awakening and spiritual expansion.

My Medicine

Wellness Coach

Habits and Self-Care practices that help you enrich your lifestyle. We are integral beings and Holistic Health is the base of my medicine by balancing and aligning Body, Mind & Spirit

Temple Body Artist & Yoga Teacher

The body is our vessel in this life and by expressing it through dance, yoga and movement we get to heal, free and embody our true-self. We get aligned with our essence.

Mindset Guide & Meditation Teacher

Shift to heal. Discover and embrace your light and shadow. Meditation among many benefits helps to purify and strengthen the mind. Meet the real authentic you!

Let's Connect!

The day I realize the only thing I will take with me it’s what I live, I started living what I want to take with me!

~ Unknown