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The quality of your life depends on your daily habits. 

Imagine if you focus with purpose and intention those habits towards the achievement of your goals? 

You will become a Dream Life Achiever!!

I am certain this is possible because I keep living it. Our life is a consequence of what we do on a daily basis. By changing your routine you can transform your life for good, for great!.

If you have been longing to improve your habits about eating, exercising, mindset, relationships, stress, concentration, manifesting your dreams, being happier, etc. you are in the right place!

My  Story

I studied Business Administration in Tourism because I was interested in discovering the world through cultures, food and travel. And I have had the opportunity to do so since then.

Achieving my dreams as they were popping out on my life’s journey has been amazing. Ups and downs, paths, cul-de-sac and trails. What is certain is that those dreams my Soul aimed the most have come true.

My story continued in 2010 when I immigrated to Canada after being a nomad half of my life; I’m from beautiful Mexico. 

Since I was not used to exercise I reached for a new activity to apply to my routine and that is how I found yoga (or she found me ;). Then when my body and mind aligned, they conspired to demand me a healthier life, and the search began.

In 2014 for synchronicities, I found Grupo Hábitos of Valeria Lozano. I began to follow her teachings regarding a healthier diet and daily habits. The juice-therapy, smoothies and plant-based foods opened the doors to feel unimaginable wellness in my being.

Three years later the Certification of Coach in Habits launched, which opened my vision to what is really the well-being, and I am one of the graduates from the first generation! The program is based on a Holistic Health Model: Body, Mind and Spirit.

To complement my knowledge, in 2018, I certified myself as a Yoga Teacher in Hatha Flow and Vinyasa  (380 hours) at Sangha Yoga Studio with Sylvie Tremblay. In addition, I did studies in Dhyana Darshan: Live and transmit the art of Meditation (40 hours).

All these processes in my life and the experiences lived came to corroborate that we are integral beings and that through implementing healthy and strategic habits in our routine, we can transform our lives, achieve balance and the happiness that comes from within.

There has been a huge shift within and my life’s flow got easier in every aspect, personal, professional, relational, and spiritual.

AND I came to realize that if I focus those habits with purpose and intention towards my goals I can manifest whatever I want in a faster way!

If you are ready and committed to transform and manifest your dream life, I am here to offer you my knowledge and gifts, to help you create your wellbeing project so that you can fulfill the happy & healthy life you desire!

About Kena

I am a forever learner and passionate for life. I love being in a state of peace and tranquility that brings me to happiness. I love good food, traveling, yoga, great company and helping people.

  • B.A. Business Administration in Tourism
  • Coach in Change of Habits
  • Certified Yoga Teacher (Hatha Flow & Vinyasa)
  • Meditation Teacher (Dhyana Darshan)
  • Ongoing life apprentice…

Eugenia (Kena) Siu

I’ve been a dream achiever my whole life. Letting life surprise me and drive me. Even when I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to go, my Soul knew it and it has guided me to achieve a fulfilled life, even when setbacks have shown, there has always been a path or trail that showed me the way.

When I realized that by implementing healthy habits, and aligning my body, mind and spirit I started to finally feel good and peaceful within. There was a huge shift, and my life’s flow got easier in every aspect, personal, professional, relational, and spiritual.


In the past years, I continuously implement, experiment and shift habits and mindset strategies into my lifestyle drive me towards the fulfillment of my dreams in the short and long term.

And being aligned integrally, with purpose and intention those dreams come true even faster. Sometimes in different forms that I imagined them, and that is what makes this beautiful life so interesting and worth living.

It is a never-ending process and it makes this journey fun. And even when my dream might change, I’m certain that my routine and habits are still helping me to grow and become a better version of myself.

 Why Choose Me

Coach in Habits

Habits that help you enrich your lifestyle. We focus on healthy eating, movement, emotions and programs, alignment with our biology and spiritual practice.

Yoga Teacher

Yoga is more than simply "asanas" (postures), yoga is a lifestyle which starts on how we behave in the world and finishes with the knowledge of our soul.

Meditation Teacher

This amazing millenary practice nourishes the soul, deepens and clarifies your mind. Discover your light and shadow. Get to know the real authentic you!

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