The Portal 02-02-2020 has opened a few days ago. For those who take it under consideration, it can be a great opportunity for change. Yes, a great opportunity to achieve your dream life you wish for in 5 meaningful steps.

0202 is considered an Angle Number, which means it’s related to death and new beginnings, which also represents duality. And if you want to read more about what’s special about this number click here.

This portal is an opportunity for rebirth. Even if it sounds cheesy or prejudice, it’s an opportunity for you to rebuild your life. And with the portal or not, you still can do it!

In order to achieve this Rebirth, you must follow these 5 meaningful steps and write them down. Yes, handwriting is super powerful, check this 4-minute video that explains it clearly and scientifically.

5 meaningful steps to achieve your dream life

Step 1: Observe

By observing your behaviour during the day. What are the habits you have since you wake up? What do you do when getting ready to go to work, when you commute, what do you eat? how do you react? how do you manage every aspect of your daily routine?

Be the observer for a few days, then check what it is that you want to change, that that it’s not serving you towards the life you really want to achieve and I’m sure you deserve.

Because yes, you deserve whatever you wish to have, and yes, it’s up to you to get it. So get a piece of paper and a pen and write at the end of the day or during the day (if you have time), whatever you have observed that you realize you want to shift.

Step 2: Reprogram

What are your limiting beliefs, behaviours, thoughts that don’t allow you to advance towards your dream life?

You are much stronger and greater than you think!!

Write down the programs you want to shift in a positive way, such as I’m good enough, I’m capable enough, I’m pretty enough. I can eat healthy foods, I’m motivated to exercise, I’m creative, etc. Everything you wish to reprogram in your mind, in your behaviours.

You might want to add some of these 12 habits that will empower you towards your happiness.

Step 3: Manifest

Believe it or not, you are capable of manifesting anything you wish in your life, your dream home, a couple, a job, a trip… Believe it!

Write down whatever you wish to manifest, with as many details as possible, the way you imagine it. You can divide it into health, work, relationships, time, abundance, etc. Whatever you want in your life to create.

Step 4: Rebirth

Based on the reprogramming on your behaviours, and what you want to manifest in life, how does it look your rebirth? Yes, your new life!

That life you have been imagining and aiming for and you see it out of reach, or probably you’re just a bit stuck?

Write down every piece of it, and feel it in your body in your gut and visualize it if you can. Do you feel energetic, motivated, loved, happy, positive, determined?

Step 5: Repeat

Life is constant and to have the life of your dreams you must take this as a project, yes, your life project. Therefore go back to observe again, it’ll be great if you can review your writings once a day, or at least once a week to check how your project is going. 

How’s the reprogramming going according to the dream life you wish to achieve. And feel again in your body the rebirth, that vision you’ve been longing for.


It has been said that 2020 is going to be a powerful year, and more than ever we have to be present, we need to increase our levels of consciousness.

“The number 20 symbolizes a change, a transformation, an improvement. This number generally leads to a happy development. It may concern a mental transformation of the individual who will experience a kind of spiritual “awakening” or the arrival of a material improvement.

This number can also help find a solution to a problem that was preventing us from moving forward. The beneficial effects of 20 generally come after an effort as a kind of reward. This number stimulates intuition, helps develop a sense of responsibility and gives a certain capacity for questioning.”

Fragment from the We Mystic website.

This is about the intention of whatever you want to create in life.

Why not giving it a try?

The time is now!

Take action, otherwise, nothing will happen.

Share 3 main things you wish to manifest in 2020, and how do you feel about it?

Love and Good vibes.