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I went to India for the first time. I was there for 10 days and I’m sharing some of my travel adventures, and some tips on how to be a better traveller that can be useful for you.

As you might have noticed by now, I love travelling. And I am lucky enough to work for an organization in which I can do this and get paid at the same time, oh yeah!

Adventures in India

Getting to know new cultures excites me. And this time I gotta tell, it was something else.

When I actually asked one of my yoga teachers about places I should visit in Delhi, India, he said « that’s the most intense city I have ever been ». And it definitely is.

The personnel at the hotel I stood the first days, was incredible, some of them went beyond expectations.

I had the chance to experience Indian cuisine even at breakfast and it was delicious. I can say half of the time I didn’t know exactly what I was eating, and of course, the foodie in me needed to try, and I can say that most of the food didn’t disappoint. Masala chai tea is the best!

Out of the hotel was a different story. The traffic is as true as seen in video. It’s crazy as hell and the funny thing I was not afraid (it felt like I have done it before). It flows like a school of fish, even when is crowded and chaotic, it flows.

Petting a cow by the Ganges River | Shiva’s statue @ Rishikesh | Curry 😛
Persian Carpet Factory @ Agra | Taj Mahal | Jama Masjid Temple

And there are the kamikazes that take the street in the opposite direction even when 3 rows of cars are coming against them, but at least they didn’t have to do the whole detour, right?

When it was jammed packed, and I was either in a car, tuc tuc or bicycle , I would have been able to touch the vehicles around. Just to give you an example, once, in a street with three lines, there were five cars side by side.

They drive in the middle of the line and they use the claxon at all times to let know the vehicle aside that they’re coming and not stopping. Afterwards, I understood why people listen to music too loud. Their ears are at a different level, or better said damaged already.

To cross the street I needed to basically start crossing, go around cars and run, otherwise I will stay in the same spot forever.

The first day I went to the congress venue, it was very overwhelming. Men stare, big time!!!  Most of the people was staff setting up and cleaning and they will pass and pass and sometimes will stay and stare. Even when I looked back, they simply do not care and keep doing it. I learn to ignore them.

This was the time I felt more insecure. After that it was ok. I have to admit that I needed to set up my mindset too. Telling myself that I was safe and believe it, otherwise, my mind would have dragged me down and maybe wouldn’t have left the hotel at all.

When walking around, I just needed to hold my purse and be careful with the people around me, I mean ALL the people around me since they’re many, but it was ok. At the end they are respectful in general.

It was disappointing to see how many people wanted to rip me off, some got to do it by taking advantage of me as a tourist. I know this also happens in Mexico and in other countries, but it’s sad. Then you wonder why these countries do not advance.

Delhi has lots of beautiful places and temples to visit. I was glad I took a tour in Old Delhi to get to know more about the religions, customs and food.

The devotion, simplicity, and between all that chaos, there is peace.

Delhi Highlights
Raj Ghat – Mahatma Gandhi Tomb | Gurudwara Sisganj Sahib Temple
Spice Market @ Chandni Chowk Area

Memorable memories

I went to visit the Taj Mahal. Astonishing and imposing, I almost cried. What an amazing symmetrical architectural construction.

It’s difficult to describe the beauty of it when you’re in it’s presence. I spent around 15 minutes inside the mausoleum admiring the details in the marble around the tombs, the flowers carved in it, the dome… simply beautiful.

In the gardens, I found a nice spot from where to admire the mausoleum for several minutes. It was me staring this time!

The Taj Mahal was considered in 2007 as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. You can find lots of info on the web. Click here to read what Wikipedia says.

The other magical place I visited was Rishikesh, what an amazing spot close to the Himalayas. It’s considered a holy city and the Yoga capital of the world, situated by the Ganges river.

Surrounded by nature and a sense of peacefulness. A city full of temples and ashrams where people from around the world go to take yoga and meditation training.

Flying tips to be a better traveller

After telling you and showing you a bit about my adventure, it’s time to share some air travel tips for you. Some of them might look simple or obvious, but believe me, they are useful and some might save you and others time.

  • Take some fruits and nuts as a snack. They’ll serve you when hungry, or to compensate when the food in the airplane or place you are is not good or healthy enough (I know the international travel regulations say not to travel with them, but I have never had any trouble, so far. Worst case scenario you’ll have to trash them).
  • If you are kind of “unlucky traveller” (like a colleague of mine), make sure to pack a couple of clothing sets in your carry on in case your luggage gets lost.
  • Make sure to check the weight allowance and amount of luggage according to your trip. Domestic or international, airline membership status, size of the plane. Avoid repacking at the airport or buying a new suitcase, it’s very stressful and can get expensive.
  • Paying luggage fees in advance might save you some money.
  • If travelling with only a carry-on, make sure to have small bottles for shampoo, and other liquids. 100ml is the maximum allowed per bottle, place them in a plastic bag. Make sure to get them out of your luggage when passing security.
  • Count the number of items you are taking with you, so you don’t forget anything. E.g. one carry on, backpack, two check-in bags, equals 4 items.
  • Remember to place scissors, pocket knives and other sharp items in your check-in bag, otherwise, they’ll go to the garbage.
  • Have your passport and boarding pass available at all times, place the latter where your photo is. Don’t make the agent lose time searching for the page and give it facing him so he can read it easily and not having to turn the documents around.
  • At the security point, make sure to grab as many trays as needed. Laptops must be placed alone in one tray, and sometimes the carry on too.
  • Have a refillable bottle of water with you. Have it almost empty before passing security and fill it out after afterwards. Make sure to stay hydrated at all times. Flights dehydrate the body due to low humidity levels.
  • Say hi, be polite and respectful with the people around you. Everyone has been spending lots of time in lines, waiting, in transit, etc. And you don’t know the main reason for their travel, business, family emergency, taking a needed break, etc.
  • Have a small bag with the items you’ll need while flying. Tissues, lip gloss, travel pillow, sleeping mask, snack, pen, books, headphones, etc. So you don’t have to bother others if you are not seated by the aisle.
  • And please, please, when getting up from your seat, do not hold or pull the seats in front of you, the people might be sleeping, or you might pull their hair. It’s so annoying. It’s better to lean on your own seat.
  • And last from this list. Wear your shoes when going to the washroom, as read somewhere, it might not be only water over the wet floor.

I hope these tips can guide you on your next trip, and also that my travel can inspire you to experiment on new adventures.

And now it’s time for you to share. What has been a memorable experience that you have lived while travelling? Where did you go? Was it fun or frustrated?

Share your experience in the comments below. It’ll be fun to know about your adventures too.