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Become Your Best Friend

Transform the closest relationship you’ll ever have!

You are the one talking to yourself from the moment you start waking up every morning to the good-night chat before going to bed. 

How is that conversation?

How do you treat yourself?

How do you feel when talking to yourself?

We want to feel good with our best friends, that’s why we want to have them in the first place.

So, why we don’t aim to do the same with ourselves?

These are the treats we search on a good friendship:

01. Have Fun

We have friends to enjoy time together.

We seek moments to play, talk and laugh; discover new things, and create new adventures and memories.

We want to feel joy and satisfaction.

You can do the same. Enjoy your own company and pleasure life at its best.

02. Support

During tough times, we hold space, are compassionate, and are there for each other. No matter what.

We get to figure things out together, cheer up and move forward with patience, love and determination. 

There’s no space for judgement, cruelty and blame.


03. Unconditional Love

We love our best friends with their flaws and virtues. We accept and respect the way they are. 

We spend intimate time catching up, telling our secrets, chilling out, and telling the truth even when it’s not pretty. 

We can offer the same kind of love to ourselves.

The only condition is love!



04. Taking Care

Spoiling our friends is something we often do. 

We offer presents and the gifts of presence, energy and time.

And we also get to celebrate every win and success. And assist when needed.

We talk to them gently and respectfully.

We ensure their health and well-being are prioritized for happy and long-lasting lives. 

Let’s start doing the same with ourselves.

What about if you had a relationship like this with yourself?

What about if you knew yourself like you know your best friend?

What if you talk and treat yourself how you do it with your closest relationships?

Can you imagine how your life would be? – Reflect on it, please – 

Becoming Your Best Friend is the threshold for Self-Love, Self-Joy and an Empowered Life.

What is in for you?


This mini-course will help you:

  • Become aware of your mind
  • Discover the different voices in your head
  • Start or continue healing the relationship with yourself
  • Explore your mind-body connection
  • Connect with your Soul

Becoming Your Best Friend will improve not only the relationship with you but will transform your whole life.

  • Your inner conversations 
  • Your behaviour 
  • Your perceptions 
  • Your expression 
  • Your relationship with others
  • Your work interactions
  • Your self-care practices 
  • Your health and mindset 
  • Your well-being 
  • Your self-love

It doesn’t matter in which level of closeness you are with yourself. This course will bring out new ways of getting to know yourself deeper.


This mini-course is about:

  • Self-discovery
  • Inner work
  • Self-awareness
  • Healing
  • Self-compassion
  • Self-care
  • Self-love
  • Self-empowerment

Take responsibility for improving your closest relationship ever. You’ll never regret it!

Investment cost starts at US$33 for the first 10, then will increase by US$11 for every five new empowered participants 🥰

Transform the closest relationship you’ll ever have!


  • Empower yourself by taking responsibility for your 24/7 self-relationship.
  • Prioritize your health & well-being.
  • Feel good in your skin.
  • Enjoy your soul’s presence.
  • Appreciate your life being alone & in company.

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