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This amazing machinery that we have named body, requires movement to function adequately, otherwise, it can become stunned. Here are the benefits of daily movement and a few tips on how to increase it.

Note that I’m not talking about exercise, just the movement you get to do in your daily routine.

If you want to have a long active life and be able to move anywhere as long as you can without depending on someone or something else, then you better move your body as much as possible.

Remember our ancestors?

They were moving constantly, it was their lifestyle. Even 50 years ago people used to move more. Nowadays the comfort of modern life and the fact that many things are at our fingertips have turned our lifestyle sedentary. Joined with poor nutrition, that’s why illnesses such as diabetes, overweight and obesity have become an epidemic.

An adult spends on average 10 hours per day sitting, and the consequences of sitting for such long periods have been compared to smoking. It can affect organs, including the brain; it can cause muscular degeneration and problems with the posture and legs.

Tips to improve your daily movement and wellbeing.

  • Walk instead of taking the car or bus when it is a short distance
  • Park your car further away from your destination, walk more
  • Carry your grocery bags, use your strenght
  • Use your bicycle to commute when possible
  • Take longer walks with your pet
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator
  • Stand up from your desk and move or stretch at least once every hour
  • Clean your house and move things around
  • Carry your baby instead of using the stroller most of the time

According to the World Health Organization, physical inactivity is the fourth cause of death in adults in the world and is responsible for nine percent of premature deaths.

Benefits of daily movement

These are the benefits you gain by moving more during the day:

  • Improves your mood. You feel active, independent, and energetic
  • Strengthens the muscles. By carrying things you build strength and endurance
  • Detoxifies the organism. The body is active and continues to cleanse itself via sweat and urine to eliminate toxins and fat
  • Improves blood flow. Motion keeps the body dynamic which pumps the heart improving blood circulation and prevents cardiovascular diseases
  • Decreases stress and anxiety. Knowing that you are independent to move around makes you feel free. Besides movement relaxes the body

As daily movement is not enough, it is recommended to exercise at least 5 times a week. Minimum from 20 to 30 minutes per day to keep your body in shape.

And if you are wondering, which is the best physical activity for you, well it is the one you prefer, the one you like, so no excuses and start moving.

Have a look at your daily routine so you can find ways to move your body more often during the day.


Our modern lifestyle is extremely sedentary that not even exercise can counteract the number of hours of inactivity during the day. The reason why daily movement it’s crucial.

Lethargy affects us as a whole, body, mind and spirit. Therefore motion brings us lots of benefits for our wellbeing, as well as freedom in the long term.

Which of the tips to increase your daily movement will you apply? Tell me in the comments.