Life itself thrive us to stress, the key is to be aware of it to be able to manage it. If you can not do it on our own, then you need to determine the help required to feel good again.

Are you one of those people that don’t like asking for help because of people’s opinions, or because your ego manipulates you, because you’re ashamed or simply because you don’t like bothering people? Maybe you have another excuse not to ask for help when needed.

Well, it’s time to make the leap, get over it and do what you have to do to get the help you need to feel good, the sooner the better.

Why do you (do we) have to wait until we’re at the extreme of a deadline, in pain, lack of time or resources, etc. And we know we need help because we are stressed and our bodies tell us one way or another.

The problem is that consciously or unconsciously we let our body and mind get used to it when it should not be like that. We let stress take charge of our lives.

We find excuses not to take care of it, not to search for help, we auto sabotage our wellbeing. How stupid is that?

We would rather use the time to cover, to hide, to ignore that issue by watching TV, drinking, playing video games, outing with friends, taking the kids as an excuse, scrolling social media, and the list goes on.

Instead of using our time wisely and use some techniques to manage the stress on our own. Click on the link to learn more.

In my case, even when I got back on track with my morning ritual of doing yoga and meditation, it was not enough.

The levels of stress went too high, and I let my body got used to it, thinking that eventually will go away, until I couldn’t stand my right shoulder blade anymore. It was tight, heavy and it burned.

It’s when I finally agreed that I needed to ask for help. My body could not take it anymore. Ah, but life is busy, I don’t like bothering people, and also the fact of being cheap in investing in my health, in my wellbeing. Boom! Those are my excuses.

I started going to foot reflexology, oh my, what a delight! I felt the improvements since my first session. It started with a massage on the head, then on my back. In the second half an hour the massage was on my feet.

The reflexologist stimulated my whole body, from the brain to the toes and he worked in the points that I have more pain and discomfort and also in the areas where it felt more pleasing so I got to relax too.

It’s the first time I take this kind of therapy and it’s amazing, just after the first session (out of 3), I already felt all the benefits. He focuses mainly on stress. I highly recommend foot reflexology!

What other kinds of help did I search for? I reached my friends and hubby since nurturing my relationships it’s a priority for me.

I booked an appointment with my therapist again, after deciding to take a break by the end of August, so I reached back and also booked an appointment for December.

I needed to reset my mindset and accept change, big time. The passing of my father, one of my close colleagues left the company where I work, one of my best friends has been travelling for a while, and all those situations I decide to accept them. Otherwise, resistance makes it difficult and painful.

I’m back in Mexico spending quality time with my family, this was a planned vacation, and it’s great to be back home. And see how life roles here now.

What about you? Have you realized with this reading that you also need help? That you are also avoiding to ask for it for whatever reason? Have you realized you don’t feel good enough? If not…


Take the time to observe your body and mind. It gets to a point when the stress levels are so high that you are not able to handle it anymore. Maybe in a way, but it’s not enough, like in my case.

You must take at least 5 minutes to stop and observe yourself.

Seat comfortable with your feet on the ground, back straight, palms over your thighs, arms and shoulders relaxed. Or laid down, shoulder blades well placed on the surface and shoulders relaxed, arms away from the body, palms facing up, and legs separated, heels in and let the toes fall out. And try to relax.

Start by observing your mind, how do you feel your brain? Heavy, busy, worried. What about your face, are you frowning, is your jaw tight, as well as your face? What about your neck, does it hurt?

Feel your shoulders, do you feel them heavy, tight like you have rocks embedded to them? What about your arms, are they heavy or light, are your hands relaxed or you’re making a fist?

How is your back, is it ok or do you have pain on it, where exactly? What about your hips, are they tight or relaxed? Your legs, is there tension in the muscles, knees and calves? Are your ankles and toes flexible?

Observe every part of your body. When we get stressed the body might find a specific place or places where to reflect it, in my case, as mentioned before it’s my right shoulder blade.

Observe and allow yourself to feel, move that part of your body slowly, feel the level of discomfort or pain. How mild or painful it is?


Living in stress, in pain, in anything that doesn’t serve you to feel good it’s wrong and you must search for help. Yes, you MUST!

Our time on mother earth is limited, so better live it as good as possible.

Stop auto sabotaging yourself and make the leap, take control of your life with body and mind.

Scan your body as recommended before and search for the help you need to feel good.

Scan your mind. How are your thoughts, your beliefs? The mind plays a very, very important role in our health and wellbeing.

I started with the body though, because we are used to using our body, but not that much our mind. And that’s why it’s the body that talks to us with different signals that something is wrong or good.

Unfortunately, we are so good at saying, it’s just a small discomfort, it’ll go away or eventually I’ll get used to it. Isn’t this true?

We need to listen, to feel and learn to read the signals our body gives us. And act on time to go back to feeling good.

Regarding the mind, it plays a great role here. We need to learn to control our mind, to be conscious of what we think and do. Or do you still live in autopilot?

Again, life is too short just to let it pass. Be conscious of your beliefs, of your thoughts, because based on these are the results you have now.

If I would let my beliefs of “I don’t want to bother people” and ask my therapist I needed an appointment urgently, or that “the pain will go away eventually” and not going to a specialist. And tell myself “I don’t have enough money”, then I would be in the hole now.

Therefore, going over my limiting beliefs and thoughts it’s how I am feeling better. It’s how I’m taking action and getting the results I need and deserve.

I have committed myself to feel good in body, mind and spirit. I choose to take the time, money and effort required to feel good, to be aligned.

What about you? I invite you to do the same. Search for the help you need. Go over your limiting beliefs and thoughts that stop you from moving forward to feeling good.

Sometimes might be difficult, and might take more effort, just believe in yourself, there is always a way, always.


This is a method given by Gabby Bernstein on her book Super Attractor – highly recommended – This method consists of three steps:

Step 1: Notice the thought

Notice how are you feeling based on the thoughts you are having. If you are stuck in fear and negativity and you are out of alignment, you need to get back to a joyful state. Ask yourself “How do I feel right now?”.

Step 2: Forgive the thought

Forgive yourself for having those thoughts, be grateful because they guide you to realize what you do not want in life and help you make the shift back to your desires and alignment.

Step 3: Choose again

Ask yourself this question “What is the best feeling thought I can find right now?”. Then ask the Universe or God to guide you towards that thought and be grateful for that guidance.

This method might seem very simple, but it requires presence and consciousness to put it into practice.

I love it because it’s amazing how in a moment, we can shift from one state to another. And I choose to be guided by love, always.

In conclusion, it is our nature as human beings to feel good, you deserve it! and if you need to ask for help to achieve this goal for your health and wellbeing, then go for it. There are many options to get help from.

Invest in yourself. Take the time to observe how are your body and mind to get back into alignment. Remember that if you feel good, you’ll reflect that in the world around you.

Take action now, please!

  1. Take 5 minutes to make the “Stop and Observe” exercise I mentioned before. 
  2. Write your comments on your journal or a piece of paper (optional).
  3. Based on your comments, in which area you believe you require more help now.
  4. Ask for help. Call a friend, book an appointment with a therapist, read a book, etc.
  5. Keep track of your improvements every week. Even if it’s a small one.
  6. Repeat steps 1 to 5.

I hope this article and exercise serves you for good.