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Thank you for investing in YOU, in the

Healthy Eating Program Cover

Welcome to the Program!

You will be able to access the content right away.

This is what is happening:

  1. Check your inbox and/or your spam folder (just in case) for an email named “Wellbeing Project Login Details”
  2. Click on the first link to set your password.
  3. Then login to this page: wellbeingproject.ca/about/my-account
  4. On the top menu select Services/Courses. Select the course you are Enrolled in and Go directly to the Course Content
  5. Within the next 24-business hours, you will receive the official email with more details.

For better results, I recommend you to take the program right after enrollment and complete the modules during the 8-weeks to start seeing and feeling the benefits in the short term.

Remember, more action equals higher transformation.

Make Healthy Eating sustainable by making it part of your lifestyle.

If you have any questions, please write to me at info@wellbeingproject.ca.

I look forward to being your guide on this journey.

Love & good vibes