Is this you?

Are you tired of trying specific diets that take you nowhere?

And you are ready to try something that is straightforward and sustainable.

Are you always criticizing yourself for what you eat and how you look?

You’re longing for acceptance and self-love.

Have you realized that nutrition is fundamental for your health and wellbeing, and you don't know where to start?

You wonder how you can do it on your own and you’re committed and ready to begin.

Are you overwhelmed with so much information about food that you don't know what's true?

You question whether what you are eating is helping or harming your body? You ask “which article should I read and believe out of the billions of online resources?”

Are you constantly struggling with your eating habits and you think there’s something wrong with you?

Well, it’s not you. It’s due to the abundance of programs out there and all the misinformation you’ve been fed over the years.

I feel you, I know what it is like to have this longing for making eating simple and enjoyable, be healthy and feel good in your own body.

I also got so overwhelmed, I couldn’t figure out how to feel good in my body and be happy with what I was seeing in the mirror.

All I wanted was to feel energized, I didn’t want to feel tired or bloated after eating, I wanted to improve my digestion, I wanted to lose fat, I wanted to feel good in my own body.

It wasn’t until I started to CHANGE my eating habits and began to LOVE my new habits that I realized nutrition is really not as complicated as it seems. 

I made it possible, and sustainable!

I thought “I was healthy” until I started noticing many great unexpected changes in my body. By eating natural foods in the morning I feel more energized during the day, my digestive system improved. Whole foods healed my body. My skin began getting softer and the pimples disappeared, even my hay fever allergy faded away.

I feel light in body and mind because I know what works for the wellbeing of my organism, and I became conscious of how to feed myself.

I discovered we don’t need to constantly change our diet or have food restrictions, healthy eating is simple. It’s a process, and it’s worth it!

Healthy Eating has TRANSFORMED my life.

And you can transform yours too!

When I started making changes I was so ready and committed that it was easy to take action. I started implementing new eating habits little by little, one or two at a time until they became part of my routine and continued adding more and more. It took me time, and I’m still a work in progress.

Healthy eating has become part of my lifestyle, my perception and relationship with food has shifted, so I don’t have to worry about starting a new diet because I know that what I’m eating is nourishing my body and is helping me stay healthy in many ways.

I know I have a strong immune system now, I know that I’m preventing diseases from a cold to a chronic illness. I feel happier and more focused on my job and the activities I enjoy. And I feel relieved that I can be there for my loved ones, even when it is at distance.

I learned nutrition is the base of everything, if my body is not healthy the rest of my life doesn’t function, as simple as that. I switched from wasting my money on unhealthy habits to investing in my health. And I gained the confidence to become my own nutritionist.

I learned how to manage my integral wellbeing, meaning body, mind and spirit. And I want you to achieve this too!

Besides learning that food is my own medicine, I also realized that I needed to shift my mind in many ways to accept and ease the change and myself. I noticed that the nurturing of the soul it’s crucial too. Doing activities like meditation, yoga, journaling also nourish me. So don’t be surprised if I added these tools in this program.

If you are reading this you’re likely lucky enough to eat 3 times a day AND you have the possibility to invest in your health. Start NOW!

What was your biggest “aha” moment during the program?

“I would say the way we were taught to think of weight-loss as a function of calories; counting calories has been my chief preoccupation for a while now. Learning what I’m eating is much more important than how many calories I’m eating.”


“Creating a mantra was really key for me. Something so easy to do but with so much power. Writing your words down on paper like Kena suggested really helps as well. Makes it concrete.”


I designed this program for YOU to take control of your health in a sustainable way.


      • A female or a male committed and ready to change your eating habits
      • Fed up with diets and counting calories and longing for a sustainable transformation
      • Overwhelmed with all the information about nutrition and are seeking direction about where to start and what to do
      • Longing to accept and love yourself
      • Sooo ready to change your relationship with food
        • Struggling on how to eat clean and want to learn about more alternatives



    Program Solo

    Investment CA$598

    Program with Coaching

    Investment CA$698

    This is what you will learn and experience during the 8+ modules.

    Welcome & Introduction Module

    • Understand why health is your responsibility & how I can guide you to master it
    • Discover how healthy eating benefits you integrally: body, mind & spirit
    • Uncover why healthy eating is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle
    • Identify the top causes of death, so you can avoid being part of the statistics
    • Discover the 6 essential pillars to achieve balance and prosperity in your life

    MODULE 1: Shifting your perception of food and your body

    • Understanding why eating healthy is what works for your body
    • Learn the 3 main factors that caused the current world health crisis and how you can tackle them
    • I’ll guide you on how to be grateful for your body, so you can understand and accept your beautiful vessel
    • Explore the beauty of bio-individuality, retrieve your uniqueness and use it in your favour
    • Unlearn to relearn how your body really works

    MODULE 2: Learn which are the toxic ingredients to make better eating decisions

    • Discover the tragic consequences of the 5 white poisons allowed on your table and how you can overcome them
    • Unveil the most consumed legal drug and its 61 names, so you can evade it
    • Learn about food additives, what they are, their use and the harm they can cause
    • Identify the 7 “Hell No” products that you might be consuming and how they affect your health

    MODULE 3: Empower your purchase decisions by knowing how to read labels

    • Become an expert at reading labels, explore the 4+ steps to make better food choices
    • Discover the logos and seals that will guide you in making smart choices at the grocery store
    • Identify the most common misleading food claims, so you can avoid and release the products that detriment your body

    MODULE 4: Understanding your mind & biology to embrace change

    • Understanding your biology and realizing why your current lifestyle doesn’t match it
    • Discover the motivational triad & the 7 traps that make us act and react as human beings
    • Unveil the super trick to adapt to change easily
    • The clever methodology of change that will guide you to embrace your transformation
    • Unlocking how the mind works to use it in your favour

    MODULE 5: Explore the benefits of whole foods & improve your culinary knowledge

    • Expand your knowledge about whole foods and implement your new culinary wisdom
    • Why counting calories is overrated, avoid mental stress and frustration
    • Discover the truth about protein so you can enjoy its wide variety and benefits
    • Learn how to visually redesign your eating habits to implement them swiftly

    MODULE 6: Regain your life control by nourishing your pantry & nourishing your soul

    • Understand why its relevant to align your integral being (body, mind and spirit) to gain back your life force
    • Discover how to transform your pantry into a healthy and delicious place to reach out
    • Practical and powerful ideas to nourish your soul so you can create more joy and pleasure throughout your life

    MODULE 7: Strategies to ease & thrive your eating changing process

    • Determine if these food combination tactics can affect your diet
    • Discover how to eat what you love with a healthy and creative twist
    • Explore success mindset strategies to make the eating process flexible, conscious and fun
    • Implementing essential health advice into your routine to improve your wellbeing

    MODULE 8: Implementing Healthy Eating with a 7-day Healthy Menu

    • Understanding what basic food is so you can achieve the wellbeing of our organism
    • Explore the benefits of eating rainbow colour rich foods to have a vibrant and healthy body
    • Uncover the 3 phases of our biological clock and why it’s crucial to respect it
    • Implement the 7-Day healthy menu so you can start enjoying the advantages of healthy eating, the non-diet formula to transform your life

    My Approach

    This program is designed to help you implement healthy eating into your lifestyle from the inside out.

    You will learn basic and simple information about nutrition and biology to help you comprehend why healthy eating is essential.

    We will dive into your beliefs, programs and how the mind and body work so you will be able to shift your perception with food and your body.

    That inner shift it’s what will guide you to be more conscious and aware of your eating habits, which will thrive you towards a sustainable transformation.

    How do my clients explain the program?

    “I believe this program would be ideal for anyone who really wants to experience a transformation in their life and in their perception on health, and not for those looking for the magic bullet.” 


    “Lots of theory about nutrition, examples of how to implement it in real life, concrete exercises and tips to make this happen.”


    “It’s a mindset change. It’s a program designed to change your relationship with foods.”


    “It’s not just a meal plan or weight-loss program, but a different way of thinking, both about yourself, and about eating. You learn to stop thinking of yourself as imperfect, and appreciate yourself for who and what you are. And as a consequence, you learn to treat yourself better.”



    Program Solo

    Investment CA$598

    Program with Coaching

    Investment CA$698

    What does the program includes?


    30+ Audios & Video

    Most of the content is provided with audios. You will be able to listen to them seated or on the go, whatever works better for you.


    Support Sheets

    Put your insights into practice to enhance your learning experience.
    More action equals higher transformation



    Scripts of all the media content for better comprehension and note-taking.

    Lifetime Access

    It’s recommended to take the program within the 8-weeks of enrollment to start seeing and feeling the benefits faster.
    You can also take the program at your own pace and access it as many times as you want.

    Important Note:

    To complete the program successfully, you will require a blender and a juicer for module 8, and an extended budget to purchase healthy foods.

    Remember that you are investing in your health now to avoid spending your money on future illnesses.


    To elegantly wrap up the content of the Healthy Eating Program, these invaluable bonuses will complement your healthy eating AND living remarkably. They will be available at the end of Module 8, unless otherwise indicated. Enjoy!

    3-Day Detox program

    If you are ready to jumpstart with healthy eating, the best way to do it is with a detox. This 3-day detox program it’s full of delicious recipes, mostly liquids that will cleanse your body while being well nurtured. Available in Module 5.

    Cheatsheet Natural medicine

    A resourceful basic home pharmacy document that will guide you to heal yourself with natural foods.

    Good habits for travelling guide

    Tips and tricks to implement in your trips to maintain your healthy habits as much as possible and enjoy your free time.

    Reasons why you might not lose weight

    Cheatsheet with relevant causes you might not be able to lose weight. Included in Module 2.

    10 tips to maintain your body hydrated

    A guide on how to implement hydration daily so your body can function optimally.

    Fasting, a millenary technique that can help you lose fat

    Facts of what it is exactly, its benefits and how to apply it in your routine.

    Good habits for the office

    Uncover why it is paramount to consider good habits at your workplace and how to put them into practice at once.


    Program Solo

    Investment CA$598

    Program with Coaching

    Investment CA$698


    “I feel privileged to have had the chance to discover this transformational program. It is filled with the obvious that has been forgotten in this world where speed, fast food and junk food take up too much space. Listening to the capsules allows us to become aware of the important elements in life.”

    ~ Michelle

    “When I started I expected this to be like a holistic version of a medical consult. You would tell me what I’m doing wrong, and how to fix it. But instead, I was able to discover different aspects of myself, and it made me re-examine what I was doing, and how, but most importantly why.”


    “If you are looking to transform your life, your thought process, your eating habits this is the program for you. It’s not a diet, there’s no counting of anything. It’s a simple, step by step process on how to transform your relationship with food. It will teach you what best fuels your mind and body. You won’t be sorry, it will transform your life.”


    “I was about 5 months post-partum when I started this program. I wanted to get back into shape and have a healthy lifestyle to be the best version of me but also for my son to have a great example. This program helped me get back on track. Kena was very accepting and supportive along the way. I learned a lot from her audios and the exercises provided throughout the program.”


    Frequently Asked Questions 

    When does the program begin and end?

    This is an evergreen program. You will be able to access the Welcome & Introduction module as soon as you enroll.

    The official period of the program is 8 weeks (1 module per week). And you will have lifetime access to the program.

    On the other hand, healthy eating is a lifestyle, therefore, you might complete the program BUT It is up to you to continue with its benefits throughout your life.

    Will there be a way to ask questions?

    You can purchase separately the Support Bundle which includes two 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with Kena and text messages to be used within the 8 first weeks of the purchase of the program.

    Is this a lose weight program?

    No, this is not the focus of it. By eating healthy you might lose fat as a consequence, but this is not the aim of the program.

    I have a chronic disease, can I take this program?

    If you are in treatment you will have to consult with your doctor. I will be happy to answer questions if your doctor wants to contact me. If you are not being treated, I will recommend you to do so immediately as your health might be in jeopardy. I do not have the knowledge, nor the credentials to assist you, my methodology is based on teaching new habits.

    How is this program different from paleo, keto, weight loss and other diet programs?

    As the subheading of the program says, this is a “non-diet formula to transform your life”. Therefore this is not a diet program, it’s a program that will guide you to implement healthy eating into your lifestyle for a sustainable transformation.

    Are you a nutritionist, doctor or health coach?

    No. I am a Coach in Habits, for more details read this page. I am also a Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher.

    What does a Coach in Habits do?

    We are consultants in holistic well-being that help people to improve their habits and thus achieve a better quality of life.

    It’s something new, we are not nutritionists, doctors, psychologists, personal trainers, etc. We help people to have a new perception of health.

    We offer simple and easy tools to apply for changing habits. We advise and accompany our clients in the process of change.

    I have always struggled with my eating habits and body acceptance. How is this program going to help me solve that?

    This program is based on unlearning to learn again. And the mind plays a huge role in it. Be ready to shift your mindset and you’ll be able to solve any struggle in your life.

    If you are not a nutritionist, how did you design a healthy menu?

    The menu was created by Claudia Ruiz, a certified Trophologist, Coach in Habits and Plant-Based Chef. You can find her in Hábitos Fáciles.

    How did H.E.P. help you change your habits?

    “The healthy eating program helped me realize that it’s not about calories or macros. It’s about whole foods and listening to your body.”


    “The H.E.P. made me aware of many misconceptions about healthy eating, and by extension healthy living.”



    Program Solo

    8-week program at your own peace.


    More Details
    • Includes 8+ Modules in Audio & Video
    • Support Sheets
    • 7-Day Healthy Menu
    • Scripts
    • Lifetime Access to the program
    • Bonuses

    Program with 1:1 Coaching

    8-week program at your own peace.
    Two 1:1 coaching sessions to take during the first 8 weeks of enrollment.


    More Details
    • Includes 8+ Modules in Audio & Video
    • Two 1:1 coaching sessions and text messaging within the first 8 weeks of enrollment
    • Support Sheet
    • 7-Day Healthy Menu
    • Scripts
    • Lifetime Access to the program
    • Bonuses

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach us at