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The way you start your day defines your life, where are you heading? Which are your morning habits? You are responsible for creating it, not your parents, society, nor the status quo.

Please take a moment to reflect on how you start your day right now. Which habits do you have? Do they serve you or harm you?

Maybe you are thinking, reading the news before I say good morning to my partner or pet and getting out of bed it’s fine, isn’t it?

Or, having a coffee with a cigarette in the morning is the best breakfast ever?

Or, I tried meditating a long time ago, but it doesn’t work for me.

Well, let me tell you, if you check your mobile first thing in the morning, by the time you get out of bed you are most likely already stressed and influenced by whatever is happening outside.

By having that unhealthy breakfast every morning you are acidifying your body before it can finish cleansing. Note, acidity causes the body to get sick and coffee is very acidic, and about the cigarette, you might know by now.

If you stopped meditating, did you tried something else that helps you go within, if not, what are you afraid of?

You might have one or many excuses not to take care of yourself. To let life drive you without direction instead of you taking control and own it.

Start making the shift

If you want to start making the shift, and take responsibility one day at a time, I’m sharing here 7 morning habits that might change your life.

I started applying these habits 6 years ago. Little by little, sometimes I fell off the wagon and get back in. Until I’ve implemented them to the point that they are part of my daily routine now.

If you start applying these habits, I can assure you you will feel more energetic, focused and with purpose. By meditating, and nourishing your body and soul, and strategically planning out your daily intentions you start living your life with purpose and therefore you feel successful!

7 Morning Habits for Success

Habit #1 – Meditate (5-10 mins.)

It is the best habit to start the day! When you wake up your mind should be quiet and clear, so stay in the mood. It provides great benefits such as reduces your levels of stress and hypertension, allows you to focus and concentrate better, reduces the clatter of thoughts, improves the quality of sleep, develops your creativity, augments your patience and tolerance, great for your wellbeing, just to name a few.

Clue in: 

  • Seat on a chair or with your legs crossed; make sure your knees are at the same height as your pelvis or a bit lower (to avoid discomfort in your hips). If you are seating on the floor, use a block or a blanket if needed.
  • Maintain your back straight, and roll your shoulders slightly to the back.
  • Imagine there is a thread holding your head from the sky. Keep your chin a bit tucked. 
  • Tight slightly your core.
  • If you feel uncomfortable closing your eyes, focus your sight on the tip of your nose.
  • Focus on your breathing and let pass your thoughts as clouds, they might be white or quite dark, just observe and let them pass.
  • In the beginning, it might be overwhelming because you will notice how clatter your mind is, be patient. Clearance will come with practice and consistency. Eventually, you will get a higher consciousness level, and it’s a real treat, believe me.

Habit #2 – Gratitude & Intentions

After finishing your daily meditation, be thankful for being alive, for what you are and have, for your family, your comfy bed, your hot shower, your food, your transportation pass or car, your job, your cup of tea, and any little item or detail in your life. The more thankful you are, the more you learn to appreciate life and more abundance shows up in your path.

Clue in:

  • You can use a notebook to write three things about what you are thankful for. Could be 1) Someone from your past 2) Whatever or whoever 3) A small item, like your teacup.
  • Write also an intention for your day. Maybe to be focused or joyful. To achieve a specific goal.
  • At the end of the day write down the things you enjoyed the most. Again is a way to describe what you’re thankful for.
  • While sleeping your unconscious keeps working, so write a night intention in order to stay focus on something you want to achieve.

Habit #3 – Lukewarm water

Drink a glass of water as soon as you are awake. Drinking water with an empty stomach has many benefits: it helps the body to continue with its natural detox process, it reduces stomach acidity, promotes morning evacuation, protects and hydrates vital organs, decreases appetite during the day, regulates your temperature and promotes the transport of nutrients and oxygen to the body.

Clue in:

  • Take the glass of water to your room before going to bed so it’s the first thing you do when waking up.

Habit #4 – A cup of hot natural water 

Morning habit #4 is to drink a cup of hot water like for tea or coffee, but without them, neither leaves. It’s important to discharge toxic waste from your body. Hot water helps eliminate retained liquids (reduction of cellulite and high blood pressure), helps evacuation, decongest the airways, improves digestion, relaxes the nervous system and promotes fat loss by means of body cleansing.

Clue in:

  • Add lemon juice
  • Add lemon and grated ginger
  • Pick according to your taste

Habit #5 – One assorted shot

We are definitely not talking about a tequila shot here, what about a ginger shot? It’ll scratch your throat as well, and it will bring you lots of benefits: it’s a natural anti-inflammatory, improves digestive problems and muscle pain; provides energy and vitality; helps with migraines, improves PMS, serves as a natural analgesic, improves the circulatory system; besides all the delicious vitamins and minerals it provides.

How to prepare it? In a juice extractor or juicer: add 3 to 4 centimetres of fresh ginger root, plus one fruit (either 1 apple or ½ cup of grapes or ½ cup of pineapple, etc.) Be “fruit creative” to obtain their different nutritional benefits too.

Clue in:

  • If ginger is too strong for you, it’s ok to add 1 cm of it to your green juice until you get used to the taste.
  • This habit will bust your energy and offers you tons of benefits, drink it instead of coffee!
  • You can swap it sometimes for a shot of apple cider vinegar (with mother). ¼ cup of water and one teaspoon of vinegar.

Habit #6 – Green Juice (with an empty stomach) 

Ideally, you will drink it after a 10 to 12-hour fasting. Without the fibre, the juice goes directly to the bloodstream nourishing your organism in less than 15 minutes. If you are worried about the fibre, read habit #7.
You will feel more energetic and with good circulation. You’ll alkalinize your body which helps prevent illness, have healthier skin and digestion.
Besides, green juices reduced cravings and appetite; and remove fat, cellulite and retained liquids. They nourish the cells and oxygenate your blood; hydrate your body, and they put you in a good mood. Oh yeah!

Clue in:

  • They must be done in a juice extractor or juicer.
  • If it tastes “funny”, add one fruit at the beginning until you get used to the flavour.
  • If you would like to lose weight, prepare it with half a fruit or without at all.

Habit #7 – Smoothie or your regular breakfast

Having a smoothie as a morning habit is the best, as you continue nurturing your body with raw, fresh, and natural foods full of antioxidants, vitamins, alkalizing minerals, etc. It is understandable you might want to eat something solid sometimes, just try to have a smoothie 3 or 4 days a week and the other days have a regular healthy breakfast, free of processed foods.

Smoothies are easy to prepare (mix in a blender et voilà!), it’s a full meal in a glass that you can take anywhere; you can add any nutrients and flavours you want like nuts, chia, greens, any fruit, almond milk, flaxseeds, moringa, etc. 

Habit #8 – Plan your next day

This habit is actually for before going to bed. Take 10 minutes to plan your next day. 

  • Get your clothes ready, sports gear. Remember movement is essential.
  • Program how your morning will be: set your alarm clock, exercise time, list the habits you’ll do (from above).
  • Write a list of your three priority goals of the day. This will set you and your mind into focus and you’ll be ready to rock your day!

Doing this will reduce your anxiety and decision-making of the next morning, helping you keep your energy in the plan already scheduled after having a nice night sleep.

Making these habits part of your daily routine, I assure you it will change your life, they changed mine!

I feel focus, determined, conscious, healthy, happy, and therefore successful!

Write in the comments what is the habit you have in the morning that doesn’t serve you. And add the habit you would like to implement this week to start shifting your life.

I send you a big hug and lots of light.