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The Guide Morning Habits for Success Is On Its Way.



I have more free gems for you!

GEM #1

Join my Feminine Essence Empowerment Private Facebook Group

It’s time to reclaim your genuine feminine power!

Reconnect with your true-self by practicing habits, rituals and techniques that will nurture and empower your SELF worth, care & love. with like-minded beautiful individuals like you!

If you are longing for life balance and personal growth. I encourage you to join my Free Feminine Essence Empowerment Private Facebook Group, where women like you, aim to grow, improve their health, uplift their wellbeing, achieve their goals and manifest their Dream Life.

Here is what to expect within this cheerful, positive and supportive community:

  • Facebook Live Talks on Wednesdays at 13h00 EST
  • Safe, fun and nurturing community of beautiful women
  • Habits’ ideas to improve your health & wellbeing
  • Mindset tips & shifts to become more aware & present
  • Guidance & support
  • Tips & techniques to achieve a fulfilled life
  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Valuable content organized in the Guides

What you get:

  • A nurturing community
  • A safe & fun place to share your journey
  • Empower yourself
  • Accountability
  • A connection with your holistic self: body, mind & spirit

GEM #2

Let’s Connect

I love getting to connect with people and more when they are my followers so I can get to understand you and serve you better.

      • If you need guidance & support send me a DM via Messenger or by email at info@wellbeingproject.ca
      • If you just want to chat, please reach out! I’m here for you.

GEM #3

Free Breakthrough Call

Are you ready to start changing your habits to transform your life at a deeper level?

Book a Free 45-minute Breakthrough Call with me – Kena.

During this call we will:

      • Review your current life and determine what is missing for you to feel balanced and fulfilled
      • Find a solution to a current struggle in your life
      • Get to see if we are a good match to work together if you decide to take one of my programs

GEM #4

Wellbeing Project Blog

It has a variety of content related to Holistic Health: body, mind & spirit. From healthy eating, self-care, rituals, happiness and much more. Access the articles here.

See you around and don’t forget to reach out!

Remember to fill up your cup first!