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During my travel to Southern Africa for my 40th birthday, I couldn’t keep up with my healthy eating habits, processed foods got me off the wagon. It took me some time to get back, and here I am, back in the game!

I have always loved to celebrate my birthday. It’s a way to remind me how blessed I am in my life with health, love, relationships and lots of abundance in any way. It’s a day for celebration and gratitude!

Last year I got to the 4th floor (as we say in Mexico), and needed to celebrate BIG!!

It took several months of planning, and savings too. I went to Africa for the first time. A very dear friend of mine accompanying me on the great adventure.

We flew to Cape Town, spent 3 days in the beautiful city. Then we embarked on a 20-day tour with 21 people in a truck named “Elvis”, and it was awesome!

Twenty days in immerse nature. I’ve never felt more alive and present in my life. And that’s the best gift ever!

From a winery to crossing Namibia’s desert to the Etosha National Park, to the Chobe National Park in Botswana and finishing on Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Just to summarize.

On the other hand, the meals’ part didn’t go so well with me.

Meals were included in our tour, and when traveling I needed to adjust. We tried new dishes, most of them including meat, and tried to get as most veggies as possible.

Processed foods got me off the wagon, products like yogurt, box cereals, sandwiches with white bread, sometimes “integral”, mayo, and pasta were some of the main meals during the day. At the exception of the evenings, when Buks the tour guide cooked for us. And of course, I tried everything… I’m foodie, what can I say?

Being in that part of Africa, in some places we bought fruits and fresh veggies in grocery stores when available. In some places, what we found was very limited.

Did you know almost every product has refined sugar?

The food industry uses different names for sugar, more than a hundred. Some of them can not even be pronounced. These products are designed to stay longer on the shelves and make us addicted to them so we keep consuming them.

And, not being me the exception, I got addicted to sugar again! So bad that even after coming back from vacation, I kept doing “exceptions” to my eating habits and I had cravings. To the point that I started feeling guilty, my body was bloated, and I even gain some weight. Besides the fact that it was winter too.

I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to make the shift again.

So 5 months after (yes five 🙁 ) I decided to do a detox program for 7 days to get back on track. And it worked marvellously. My digestion improved, I lost the accumulated fat and I started feeling good into my skin again. I am back with my healthy eating habits, oh yeah!

When I fell off the wagon, it took me some time to get back to it. And it doesn’t matter.

What it’s important is that I’m back and I feel great again. It’s a day to day process.

I need to be more conscious about the decisions I make. In the end, my health, my responsibility and I’m not going to blame the processed food industry for it when it’s up to me to make the choice.

Which are the habits you’ve fallen off the wagon more often? How do you get back in track? I’m currently creating a program about healthy eating, and your feedback might be of use to me and others. Comment below.

Here are a few pictures of that amazing journey. Enjoy!