Implement strategic habits & mindset to transform your life and fulfill happiness within.

Change your Habits, Transform your Life!

I am certain this is possible because I keep living it. Our life is a consequence of what we do on a daily basis. By changing your routine you can transform your life for good, for great!.

If you have been longing to improve your habits about eating, exercising, mindset, relationships, stress, concentration, manifesting your dreams, being happier, etc. you are in the right place. Please keep reading…

If you/your… 

  • have failed several times with diets and you don’t know what to eat anymore
  • are overwhelmed and over stressed with all the information out there about health
  • relationships are lame and you spend more time in front of devices than connecting in person
  • feel guilty because you don’t eat healthily and don’t exercise often
  • don’t have restful sleep and have headaches often
  • feel frustrated because you are not able to take care of yourself and therefore you’re not able to take care of your loved ones the way you desire
  • are always stressed or anxious about the past, the future and different situations
  • energy levels are too low to make fun activities, that even caffeine doesn’t work anymore
  • end up sinking on your sofa every day with your two thumbs scrolling your mobile

How much more miserable do you want, or have to feel to take control of your life?


By transforming your routine with new and strategic habits, you will be empowered to take control of your life: your health, your joy and your wellbeing. And by transforming yourself, you transform the environment around you. 

We are integral beings and therefore to get into a state of balance and harmony (inside and outside), we need to align our body, mind and spirit.

Implement new habits and mindset strategies into your routine according to your priorities and needs, your life will start shifting. You will become more conscious about each decision you make during your day, instead of being on autopilot and let life just drive you with no direction.

By applying habits & mindset with purpose and intention you will transform your life and fulfill happiness within. Your new habits will work in your benefit and you will start seeing and feeling the changes within you, and on the exterior too. 

By achieving small changes in a concrete way, you will be able to keep moving forward towards your goals, your life’s flow will get easier, things in the interior and exterior will align and you will manifest your dream life in a faster way.

If you are searching for guidance, you are committed and you are longing to:

  • Implement new healthy habits into your everyday
  • Learn how to eat healthily without any diets
  • Enrich your relationships
  • Improve your restful sleep
  • Decrease stress levels and increase focus and concentration
  • Include more movement on your routine
  • Feel energized and with a better mood
  • Act instead of reacting
  • Change your behaviour and your mindset
  • Start, grow or enhance your spiritual practice
  • And transform any other aspect of your Being to  manifest the life of your dreams…

I will be honoured to serve you and guide you. 

This is a day to day process, and it is the only way to a real, sustainable and conscious transformation.

I aim to offer you tools and techniques that will empower you! So you can take control of your life completely. 

Become the master of your life. Start taking action now!

By being committed to changing habits, one at a time according to your needs and lifestyle, your life will start shifting little by little and eventually will get into the flow and success you desire.



As an entrepreneur, my commitment is to create individual programs that will help you change your habits in specific areas of your Being.

Programs which aim is to empower you to become a better version of yourself, to be more conscious about every decision you take, so you can manifest the life of your dreams and fulfill the state of happiness that comes from within.

Connect with your higher self to reconnect with your life. Accomplish the different outcomes you are longing for and take control of your life, health & wellbeing.

To learn more about what a Coach in Habits does, click here.

 Why Choose Me

Coach in Habits

Habits that help you enrich your lifestyle. We focus on healthy eating, movement, emotions and programs, alignment with our biology and spiritual practice.

Yoga Teacher

Yoga is more than simply "asanas" (postures), yoga is a lifestyle which starts on how we behave in the world and finishes with the knowledge of our soul.

Meditation Teacher

This amazing millenary practice nourishes the soul, deepens and clarifies your mind. Discover your light and shadow. Get to know the real authentic you!

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