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Cristina’s Case

Cristina wanted to make meditation part of her routine and decrease her screen time.

She is a business owner of an aquatic gym and her clientele has decreased in order to comply with the pandemic’s regulations. Therefore she has more time for herself.

After reviewing her daily activities she realized she was spending around 6 hours a day on screen time, mostly on her phone going through social media. And she was doing it consciously.

She has always been a very disciplined person with her routines (eating, exercising, etc.) but the last 4 months have been difficult to keep up.

The coaching sessions helped her be the stepping stone to do a lot of introspective work.

She finally noticed there were a few situations in her life that caused her to let herself go and it’s time to get back on track.

She has chosen to take this experience as a learning lesson, to be able to understand better her clientele when they struggle with their habits and discipline.

She started reducing her screen time by doing activities she enjoys and are productive for her.

How do you feel now?

“I feel very happy and satisfied because as a result of this coaching I resume more healthy habits and I feel that I renewed my energy.”

She implemented a new night routine by switching screen time for meditation just before going to bed so she can relax her body and mind to have much better sleep and waking up restful and energized the next morning. Sometimes even before the alarm rings. 

Natalia’s Case


“Thanks to Kena, I have been able to implement habits that I had been trying for a long time without success. She has given me good tools and, I have felt very accompanied, without feeling guilty if I fell. And I can say that the two objectives settled, I continue to work on them successfully.”

Natalia wanted to make exercise part of her routine again and also improve her eating habits.

She had gained a few kilos over the last years and even more after her divorce.

She was aware of the reason that kept her from doing exercise was laziness. Therefore during the coaching sessions, we dug to see what was deep behind. She did some introspective work to review the experiences of her past marriage that prevented her now from having again the motivation and persuasion to do something for herself.

Even when Natalia’s job is tight and with long hours, she found the time to add exercise back into her routine by taking longer walks when going to work when her son is at home with her. And when he is not, she does yoga at home during the mornings.

Natalia found her “why” she wanted to exercise again and added to her meditation practice visualization of how she wants to look in her future.

She is thankful for the pleasant sessions we had that has given her the strength to continue.

She also started to add salads to her meals to eat more fresh vegetables.

Gabriela’s Case

Gabriela wanted to implement meditation into her routine and learn to avoid negative thoughts.

During the first week, she reviewed her daily activities and continued observing her negative thoughts to notice what triggers them.

She started meditating for 3 minutes during the mornings as it’s the most convenient time for her. 

Meditation also helped her to be more present and aware, she is able to observe her thoughts, know that they are there and not give them as much importance as before while she continues with what she has to do. Therefore she started to take control over her mind. 

She is excited to continue meditating since it’s helping her to be a more conscious person.


Aha moment!

“When we concluded that meditation is where you train your mind, that it does not matter that your mind is not blank as long as you are aware of your thoughts. And with that point of view I could be more constant with the habit.”

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