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Audio-Blog: The hidden call of this forced pause
Meditation starts in minute 5:44

We are definitely in a time of crisis. The COVID-19 has paralyzed the planet with fear more than anything else, affecting the health of many people, physically and mostly mentally.

And the reality is, that many of these people are already sick with the habits they do every day. This virus will pass. The habits will stay.

It’s not that I’m not taking it seriously. The situation is critical in specific countries and areas, but globally it has forced us to take a pause. A very needed pause.

The Hidden Call

The rhythm of life we have with work, family, chores, responsibilities and more makes us live at a very fast speed.

This is a big call: Take the time for the first time on many days, months, years or maybe decades to reflect on the life you’re living.

What are you doing with your life? 

Are you happy or miserable? 

What things would you like to change?

What changes do you want to make to live better, personally, professionally, physically, mentally? 

Are you enjoying your time at home or on the contrary you realized spending time with your family members is hard and unpleasant?

Are you able to spend time with yourself and/or in silence, or do you need to be plugged to a screen at all times or in someone’s company?

I’m sure you can ask yourself more questions according to your situation.

Life is too short to live it fast and take it for granted.

So please, take this time to re-plan your life on the things you want to fulfill, on the dreams you want to achieve.

Choose love!

It’s really sad how the seed of fear has been planted and blown away to spread it worldwide. Instead, choose love, choose the light.

Whatever situation we live we always have the choice to choose. So, choose love!

I know is not easy, I’m also living it. But in this reality, where we are facing duality more than ever, we must choose love to support and balance ourselves and by result Mother Earth.

It’s easier to have fear if you think about it, it paralyzes us. Yes, maybe you went already to the store and refill your pantry, toilet paper (oh my!) or other stockpiling. Then stay home to watch the news, eat and enjoy or not your time at home. But at least you’re in your comfort zone.

It takes commitment and strength to stay on the light side. It takes effort not to get dragged by all the media, social media noise, and memes in WhatsApp.

It takes time to meditate and do some journaling to keep growing and improving yourself while the world seems to fall in pieces.

It takes energy to be patient, vulnerable and focused to stay in balance. To stay in the realm of harmony, love and light. We get to choose.

Daily habits harm you more

On the other hand, did you know that most of the people are sick due to illnesses that are a consequence of their daily habits?

A very high percentage of chronic diseases, such as different types of cancer, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc. can be preventable by minimizing the risk factors.

Most of these illnesses are based on our daily routine: food, exercise, sleep, stress, alcohol, relationships, mindset, smoking, programs and limiting beliefs that affect our emotions, family and work environments, etc.

What are you doing now to stay healthy? What are your daily habits that are harming your health? They might not seem relevant, but long term they might affect you. As well said, we are what we do, what we think, what we believe.

I highly recommend you dig into my blog content. I offer tips and techniques you can apply in your life to achieve your wellbeing starting now.

Within the next months, I will be launching the Healthy Eating Program, the Non-Diet Formula to Transform Your Life. If you are interested to participate for free in the beta of the program that will start April 3rd, let me know as I still have one spot available.

If you are committed to improving your health and wellbeing, feel free to send me an email at info-at-wellbeingproject.ca. First come, first serve 😉

Healthy food is the base of a healthy body, and by consequence when unfortunate scenarios of different viruses arise, the probabilities to stay healthy and not getting infected or overcome the malaise are higher than a weak body.

Make healthy eating a daily habit in your life and you will not have to worry much about viruses and chronic diseases.

Choose love and a better healthy version of yourself. You deserve it!

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I would like to know how are you managing this situation and from where you’re living it. Please share it in the comments.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. I send you lots of light and wish you ultimate balance.

Namaste (since touching is not recommended it, no hug this time 😉