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Truth Seeker

A three-month journey to learn to prioritize yourself,
live your truth and feel fully alive.


1:1 Container with Kena Siu

Are you ready to know yourself more deeply as a powerful woman, owning your true power, authenticity and confidence?

  • Are you seeking to know your authentic truth?
  • Are you ready to finally find the time to prioritize yourself?
  • Are you tired of feeling unworthy and seeking others’ validation to take action?
  • Are you willing to take control over your life, feel less guilt, and stop blaming others
  • Are you fed up with feeling stuck and that something is holding you back?
  • Are you ready to improve or attract better relationships and experiences into your life?
  • Are you longing to feel empowered because you are done with self-sabotage, self-doubt and being a people pleaser?
  • Are you ready to fill up your cup first, feel joyful, confident, open, empowered and worthy?

      If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are ready to live the most authentic & empowered life you’ve ever desired!


      Seeker, What About…?

      • Figuring out who you are and what you want; your true self!
      • Releasing the thoughts of stuckness and gaining clarity to move towards your dreams
      • Learn to let go of the people pleaser in you, to prioritize yourself. Your health, wellbeing and happiness
      • Accepting where you are now instead of believing you “should be somewhere else”
      • Shifting your mindset to stop self-sabotage and eradicate limiting beliefs so you can free your mind and embrace new perspectives
      • Learn to manage your feelings, emotions and reactions
      • Implementing new habits, rituals and techniques that will improve your self-care, self-love and mindset
      • Living in alignment and coherence with who you are, what you want, what you stand for and how you want to live
      • Reconnecting with your body, mind and spirit, so your life feels balanced, joyful and at ease
      • Becoming the powerful woman you deserve to be by owning your truth, power, authenticity and confidence
      • Taking full control over your life and start creating the reality you desire
        I am certain this is possible because I live what I preach! 

        This has been a long, daring and mind-blowing journey for me. That is why I decided to create a 3-month program which is the essence of my transformation. The basics that brought me to find my truth, my power, my authenticity and feel fully alive after being a seeker for a long time. 

        A program that offers you tools, techniques, and the mindset that will empower you to live the authentic life you’ve always desired, based on your truth and no one else.

        During the past 8 years, I have been practicing yoga, meditation, healthy eating, and learning mindset. Besides other processes and life experiences, I came to corroborate that we are integral beings and that through implementing self-care and healthy habits in our routines, we can achieve balance in body, mind and spirit

        By achieving this balance, I totally transformed my life in every aspect: emotional, relational, spiritual, professional, financial. And on the personal side, I discovered who I really am, which allowed me to find my truth and start living authentically. It’s so magical! 

        And I am still in the process of becoming as I am continuously learning and growing. It feels so great to be me, my authentic and true self. That is why I decided to create this program so that you can feel fully alive and start living your truth authentically in a shorter period of time.

        I invite you to start prioritizing yourself. Take responsibility for your life, stop living by default, and start living your life by design, based on your truth and shining the light you are meant to shine on this journey. It is time to start living authentically, on purpose and freedom.

        I will be honoured to serve you as your Guide.

        This is a day-to-day process, and your commitment is the key to your transformation.

        I aim to offer you the guidance, support and accountability you require through this journey. And to empower you with a toolbox of knowledge and techniques that will support you throughout your path.

        Become the creator of the reality you want to experience. Start taking action now!

        You are the Source of every experience you live. Therefore if you want to change something it is up to you and nobody else.


        This program can transform you to…

        • Find & live your truth. Seek and discover who you are and what you want. Have the discernment, commitment and coherence to live according to your values, ideas and desires. Letting go of the expectations of others. Accept your flaws (shadow) and virtues (light) so that you recognize your worth and wholeness. Be open to shine and show your light because that’s what feels good. No more hiding. 

        • Regain your power. Take responsibility and control for your life so you don’t feel stuck, like a failure or frustrated for thinking that you “should be somewhere else” by now. Learn to manage your thoughts and emotions. Take decisions and actions deliberately. Prioritize your self-care and self-love. Choose how you want to experience your relationships, job, and adventures.

        • Live in authenticity. Express yourself freely and unapologetically, without the fear of being judged or rejected. Embrace your differences to release shame and guilt. You are unique, remember? Express your truth and who you are through your voice, service, art, love, and empathy… become the person you desire to be. Living in authenticity is simply being you, the real you! 

        Honour your mould. You don’t have to follow anybody or be somebody else. BE YOU!

        By living your truth…

        • You free yourself from conditions and beliefs that no longer serve you.
        • You earn self-worth, clarity and confidence. 
        • You tune in with your intuition, inner happiness and pleasure. 
        • You embrace peace as your inner world is more important than the outer.

        If this resonates with you and you are interested in learning more, book a complimentary Empowered Strategy Session with me to see/feel if we match to work together.

        Because the truth is…

        • You have the answers within you
        • You are responsible for your life 
        • You have the courage to take your power back
        • You have the key to shine your authenticity
        • You have the resilience to heal your life
        • Your presence is enough, and you are already worthy
        • You have the right to want what you want and manifest it
        • You have the choice to fill up your cup first
        • You have within the love, peace, joy, freedom you deserve
        • You have the power to become who you desire to be
        • You have the birthright to live your truth authentically and feel fully alive 

        Truth Seeker, I’ll be happy to guide you to discover all this and beyond.

        If you are a woman in a life transition, going through a separation, divorce or something else and you found yourself lost because you keep putting yourself last and you don’t know who you are anymore and how to take care of yourself.

        All the hats you’ve been wearing throughout the years as a daughter, sister, mother, partner and friend got you lost as an individual person, so you lack clarity on what you really want in life and who you want to become.

        You are longing to prioritize yourself and want to improve your health and well-being, as well as your relationships to live a life of peace, joy, openness, confidence and freedom. You tend to self-sabotage with busyness while feeling unworthy and fearful to make changes.

        You feel in your gut there is something much better for you, and something or someone is holding you back and you want to discover what is it because you are ready to find the missing pieces on your equation to happiness and freedom, as your lack of trust, self-esteem, confidence and self-love play a big role in your life. 

        This is why you’ve become a Truth Seeker! 

        Let’s develop a roadmap to know who you are, to take your power back and live on your own terms according to your truth and your lifestyle. Let’s fill up your cup first. Let’s embrace your uniqueness, relationships and every life experience. Shine your light to live in authenticity.

        Appreciation  for Kena

        I know my worth

        Thank you, my friend. For being the guide to show me I am in charge of my life and empowering me to make enormous changes! I'm setting goals, I know my worth, and I am determined to be the best Allison I can be.

        You've guided me towards choosing to be a better person and journaling and gratitude, and I'm doing things I would never have thought possible before! Thank you so much for arriving exactly when I was ready to listen to you! 


        A compass to guide me

        Dear Kena, I so appreciate this four-month coaching program with you!

        Your wisdom and perspective helped me shift my way of seeing myself and the issues I’ve been struggling with. I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of growth and healing thanks to your skillful guidance, attentiveness and caring.

        Working with you helped me clarify my values and who I am on a very deep level, thus giving me a compass to guide me through life and a solid foundation for self-acceptance, which are priceless. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

        ~Sylwia D.

        Powerful soul imprint

        Kena, you have made such a powerful soul imprint on me during our time together. You hold the keys to mastery of love, kindness, joy, and presence.

        You have been such an inspiration and have shown me new parts of myself that I lovingly accept & embrace because of your authenticity. Thank you for being you Kena.

        ~Linh Le


        Self-care connected to Self-Love

        Thank you, dear Kena. I really enjoyed working with you. I love your brave honesty and light and trusted that your personal and professional experience was just what I needed. It was!

        Exploring what was going on for me, what was holding me back and looking at ways to help me move forward.

        It was very powerful to explore deeper self-care opportunities and how it is connected to self-love too. Implementing tools such as my favourite - journalling - was helpful for me to continue to help me find clarity. Starting to look at things differently.

        ~Anne Mette


        The Truth Seeker program aims to

        Reawaken your self-power by recognizing your true self to start living authentically.

        It provides you structure in your day-to-day according to your needs and lifestyle, prioritizing self-care and self-love so that you can live on purpose by aligning your body, mind and spirit, focusing on your health and wellbeing, while also moving towards the person you wish to become.

        Truth Seeker is a three-month journey to learn to prioritize yourself, live your truth and feel fully alive.

        The program consists of the following modules:

        Who Am I?

        Module 1

        Discover who you are by acknowledging:

        • Your values
        • Your habits
        • Your beliefs
        • Your programs

        Be ready to do inner work as from here everything else will build up. 

        Holistic Wellness

        Module 2

        Bring your Integral Being to shine from the inside out. The program is based on Holistic Health which anchors on:

        • Body
        • Mind
        • Spirit

        Implement new habits, rituals and mindsets to improve your health and wellbeing according to your lifestyle. 

        Living Your Truth

        Module 3

        Find the clarity and light required to start living authentically and intentionally. We will determine:

        • Your purpose
        • Your dreams
        • Who do you want to become

        Choose how you want to create and live your reality according to your truth. Set the path towards your dream life.

        Program Resources
          • 9 Coaching Sessions of 75-90 minutes each (3 per module)
          • Chat between Sessions for Questions, Support and Accountability
          • Access to the Session’s Recordings
          • App for Habits & Goal Setting
          • Practical Holistic Health Exam
          • Embodiment Practices
          • Workbooks
          • Meditations
          • Supporting Articles & Videos

        In each module, you will acquire a toolbox with techniques, habits’ ideas and practices to continue advancing on your journey.

        Investment & Bonuses

        Investment: US $3,333 PIF

        Payment plans upon request.



        • Lifetime Access to the Become Your Best Friend mini-course
        • Lifetime Access to the 8-Week Online Healthy Eating Program

        When making the investment in full during the Empowered Strategy Session

        • Additional 2 personalized sessions 

        When making the investment in installments during the Empowered Strategy Session

        • Additional 1 personalized session

        The only constant in life is change. Even when your life varies, you have the control to adjust your habits, mindset and routines according to your life’s evolution.

        With the knowledge, techniques, and exercises you are committed to taking, you will start to create balance, happiness and harmony in your life. You don’t have to wait until the ‘end line’ to start feeling good and happy. The time to LIVE is now!

        Life is a journey. Therefore, we must enjoy every moment of it. And when we do it from a place of love, gratitude, abundance and alignment… everything flows!

        This is the magic!
        It’s time to… 

          • KNOW who you really are
          • ALIGN your body, mind and spirit
          • PRIORITIZE YOURSELF and start filling up your cup first
          • NOURISH & FLOURISH your Being from the inside-out
          • SHINE your light and EMBRACE your shadow
          • SHIFT all the conditioning and limiting beliefs you inherited
          • RECONNECT with your inner wisdom


        It’s time to…

        Live Your Truth!