From my journal.

Without a doubt 2020 has been an EXTRA-ordinary year for every single person on this planet.

It was the first time in history that everything was put on hold worldwide having a massive impact on the way we manage our lives, on the way how we as humans affect nature.

And even when we might have taken this year as an opportunity and viewed it with positivism (like in my case). It has been a year of exponential change, growth and healing.

I re-discovered who I am and learned to love myself really and deeply.

The grieving was there since the year before with the passing of my father, then the separation of a relationship of almost 10 years.

Learning to create, plan, develop and launch a new business.

Living alone for the first time in my life. And loving it!

Lots of healing within myself and in relationships with others.

Structures falling into pieces to be vanished for life, to start building something new from scratch. Because I’m definitely not the same that I was even yesterday.

It has been a turmoil of new experiences and a total mix of emotions such as pain, joy, loss, peace, fear, love, anxiety, frustration, compassion (lots of compassion).

It has been quite a year and I get to choose how I want to take it and experience it. 

If I want to embrace it in my heart and all me being with all the challenges lived or if I decide to forget about it and flush it through the toilet, even though that shit might come back at one point. It’s a personal choice.

Everything is a choice!

I choose to take each experience like that, as a living experience and embrace whatever I had to learn, to see, to feel, to grow, to evolve, to overcome… to become a different person.

Those tiny or huge shifts that make us (I choose) to be a better person. A more loving, resilient, supportive, compassionate with myself first and with others.

I refuse to let myself go. I create my own reality!

I am a co-creator with the Universe. My mantra for this year is Expansion, and ufff I have expanded way more than I expected… half of the time pushed towards… This year I have expanded:

  • My soul
  • My mind
  • Abundance
  • Re-connection
  • Support
  • Knowledge
  • Healing
  • My heart
  • Emotions (overboard)
  • Learnings
  • Love
  • Opportunities
  • Gratitude
  • And the list goes on…

It’s OUR ATTITUDE, it’s the way we decide to create our own world that makes the difference.

As it’s well said, “every head is a world”. What is your mind telling you? Have you stopped to observe?

If you have learned to control your mind instead of vice versa, you get to choose! And even if you just noticed your mind is controlling you, you can shift that situation right now.

You decide how you want to take this 2020. You choose if you want to make every experience you lived an opportunity for growth or a challenge to which you resist and get stuck, frustrated, unhappy and refusing that inevitable change.

There are two things for certain in this life:

  1. We are going to die
  2. Change is a constant

Our life is full of decisions every moment of our day, so you get to choose to do this or that or nothing; to feel or not to feel; to be happy or unhappy; take it negatively, positively or neutral; take as a learning opportunity or a challenging experience.

You choose what lenses you wish to see with. With what attitude you wish to take it. With what kind of mindset you wish to embrace it.

I invite you to take these last days of this year to recap what you have experienced this 2020. Make a list of the most challenging experiences (or not) and question yourself with this:

  • What really happened? (see the experience as an observer)
  • How did I take it? (your attitude, reaction, emotions)
  • What did it teach me? How did it help you grow as a person? (even if it was against your free will)
  • How do I want to embrace it? (as a positive or negative experience or you name it)

Remember that we can transform our past, when we go back and see the experience with a different perspective it’s when it shifts and we get to heal.

We are spiritual beings living a human experience. Therefore everything we live, every moment, every second it’s an opportunity for growth.

We learned to walk, to talk, to use our hands, to speak, to behave, to study, to follow rules, to have values, to grieve, to fight for what it’s worth for, to lose, to win, to dance, to write, to cook, to do art…

See, we are constantly learning and experiencing new things since we were born. It’s just that for some reason when we grow up and that’s probably the issue in our mind “we grow up”, so why the hell should I keep learning and growing if I’m already a grown-up?

Well, that’s part of the human experience.

Again, you choose how you want to take it.

I wrote this in my journal, I guess I wanted to see and reflect on what this year has brought to me. I consider myself a resilient and positive person. And some people say I’m brave. 

After writing this on my laptop, well… I guess I am brave and have had a hell of a great year, and I embrace it all. Every aspect of it with all the love and all the pain.

I am committed to keep growing and evolving as a human being.

If you resonate with this, you want to start embracing life differently, and you wish to finish 2020 with an uplifting attitude, I invite you to join the Conscious Life private Facebook group that I will be launching on Friday, December 11 at 14:00 EST with a Live Session.

Here is the link to join: I will let you in a couple of days before.

Please share in the comments a 2020 experience you had, how you chose to take it and why.

Sending you a warmth-loving hug,